Natasha in De-Nile

How the hell did I end up white water rafting on a holiday that was meant to be strictly pool, sauna, food cycle at one of the best resorts in Uganda? Well, I should have known better that the kind of travelling and vacationing I like to do or what makes me happy is when … Continue reading Natasha in De-Nile

Memories of Moscow’s Red Square

Every time I look at my pictures from Moscow, I get a huge smile on my face. The experience was fantastic. After a while of being in London, where the world seems to come to you, my sense of the novelty of adventure had dulled down.  However upon announcement of a long awaited trip to … Continue reading Memories of Moscow’s Red Square

Memories of Morocco – Chefchaouen

Morocco is currently one of the most popular destinations for a holiday, especially if you are based in Europe. Flights to the beautiful country are not long, and you can go direct from London, only about two hours. Yet despite the short travel time, there is a huge change in climate, culture and scenery.  Most … Continue reading Memories of Morocco – Chefchaouen

Explore the Cloud Forest -Singapore

One of the most memorable experiences during my visit to Singapore was the fabulous botanical garden called Cloud Forest within the Gardens by the Bay.  To be honest when I first heard of it I thought to myself “This is something I’m probably too grown up for. I mean how magical can plants really be?” … Continue reading Explore the Cloud Forest -Singapore