Mark of Beauty – Paula M

It’s almost a full year, since I decided to get a personal trainer. What I thought I was getting was someone who would instruct me on how to complete exercises that would lead to visible change. Instead with Paula I got a ridiculously real gem that is always ready to listen and advice you on … Continue reading Mark of Beauty – Paula M

Kitty Ferreira – Interview

Its been a wonderful experience volunteering for Trusted Clothes! One of my favorite moments was getting to know Val Goode the Founder of Kitty Ferreira. Here's a spinet of the interview :   When sat down with her, I felt a sexy, carefree energy radiate from her right away. We dove immediately into conversation about how … Continue reading Kitty Ferreira – Interview

The Fashion Debates – Premiere

Instagram has been working magic for me lately, as I have been finding great brands and events more easily than using google search.  My latest find was an event being held by co-founder Olivia Pinnock at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design called The Fashion Debates. It is an organization that holds a … Continue reading The Fashion Debates – Premiere

Mark Of Beauty: Makanaka Tuwe

So the internet can be super overwhelming, and sometimes I feel like it serves to distract me with shocking stories, pictures and meaningless updates. However, I am happy to say that it also opens up channels of communication and true connection with people a gazillion miles away. This is how I found Makanaka Tuwe via … Continue reading Mark Of Beauty: Makanaka Tuwe

Mark of Beauty: Thandie Ndebele

Thandie is one of those ladies that have such a bubbly personality and dazzling spirit. She’s one to make a stranger feel included with her genuine deposition. I know this because I sorta crashed her birthday party, and partied with her like I knew her all my life. Since then, she is one of many reasons … Continue reading Mark of Beauty: Thandie Ndebele

Fitness Inspiration Melaine

So often, I read, see or hear about people doing fantastic things, but rarely have the relationship to have witnessed the transformation or access to ask them about it. This is what I set out to do with my cousin Melaine. She is growing into a monumental force in the fitness industry and has honoured me with time to answer a few questions I had for her.