A good reason to wine when it’s raining

We are in the full swing of summer and it is a fantastic time to start training you pallet whether rain or shine! As we struggle with summer rainfalls, we have summer foods to lighten us up. So on a rainy day when you are not up to meet with friends at the local gastropub,  you … Continue reading A good reason to wine when it’s raining

Water into Wine – Miracles of Miracles

Easter is right around the corner. For most of us that means the prospect of a long holiday weekend, the gathering for friends and family, chocolate egg hunts and, hopefully, lots and lots of wine! Oh and of course if you’re a Christian, some thoughts about the Big Guy.   Although celebrated since pagan times … Continue reading Water into Wine – Miracles of Miracles

Healthy Food Heaven

This month I keep on being introduced to new fruit! Never seen a pine berry in my life! However, at Borough Market by London Bridge Station, I discovered this intriguing berry that had a white pattern on top of the red base. Apparently they originate from Holland! In addition, I can't keep away from Holland and … Continue reading Healthy Food Heaven