Fall Back on Sunny Memories

As we enter Fall (or Autumn if you're not from North America), it's a time to either panic on how little you have accomplished on that list of summer goals you had, or kick start your remaining time channeling those remaining summer vibes. Looking back on my summer I can say its been dazzling in … Continue reading Fall Back on Sunny Memories

Canal Walks on Lunch Breaks

Nature and its curious mysteries have always had a pull on me, although I’m firmly a city girl. I enjoy a vacation by the ocean (not too far from my air-conditioned suite…), but I always find fun in the forests.  Walking among the trees, stumbling over their roots, or climbing a branch or two can … Continue reading Canal Walks on Lunch Breaks

Day to Night – Wrapper’s Delight

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Whether you have just been on holiday or are aching for an adventure, one thing is for sure we all want to make the most of our weekday evenings. You learn fast that for some, Wednesday evening is Friday evening. This is because some folks take Fridays off for a … Continue reading Day to Night – Wrapper’s Delight

Cycling vs Shavasana for Charity 

Let's be honest, buying ethical clothing is not the way to help those impacted by the unfair working standards. I say this because you can feel like buying better makes a difference but it can just as easily become little more than an ego boost. As in everything to achieve meaningful change,  we sometimes have … Continue reading Cycling vs Shavasana for Charity 

Resurrect Your Clothing

We’ve just passed an important anniversary for me! It's been over a year since I made a conscious decision to follow through on an impulse buy. Perfect timing, especially around the Easter holiday that marks redemption and rebirth! How many times do we find ourselves buying an item that we know we will struggle to … Continue reading Resurrect Your Clothing

A Wardrobe for Whatever the Weather Blows your Way

So, spring is here which is fantastic. because if you know me well, you'll know I really dislike the cold. Additionally, to be frank, I am sick of layering! I layer like a boss during winter, but it's super restrictive and hell to unlayer and relayer when in and out of buildings. So, like all … Continue reading A Wardrobe for Whatever the Weather Blows your Way

Singapore Adventures in Ethical Silk

Hey Guys! Been meaning to share with you more about my travels to Singapore. I got to share most of the highlights as a guest blogger on Kitty Ferreira and highlight how magnificent the Tiffin Room at the...I mean ...THE Raffles Hotel.  As you look at your world map, or bucket list, I would argue … Continue reading Singapore Adventures in Ethical Silk