Fall Back on Sunny Memories

As we enter Fall (or Autumn if you’re not from North America), it’s a time to either panic on how little you have accomplished on that list of summer goals you had, or kick start your remaining time channeling those remaining summer vibes. Looking back on my summer I can say its been dazzling in shiny moments spent with small groups of unique people, or simple me time!

This year also gave me the extra challenge of how to be dressed for any sort of weather during the so-called ‘summer’ season…a rather generous term for June, July and August in London! I honestly feel prepared for current fall sprinkles and the chill in the air that have arrived this September. So here is a summer combo outfit I will hardly need to change up as the seasons roll by.

Natasha Taneka Fall Summer 2017 me

My bright blue scarf is still uber appropriate for windy days. The white turtle neck is a timeless top that goes with anything and keeps the chills the way. Now, if it’s raining you might not not be able to rock the open toe heels, but more and more activities in Fall are indoors, so I know there will be still reason to get more wear out of them. Lastly, the semi-ripped jeans; I love them and during the summer rolled them up when the heat went up. Now as Fall comes, I will roll them down if it gets nippy.

Lets face it,  we had a mixed bag of weather this summer (What else is new!?), but I think I can confidently say I’m prepared for whatever the fall has to bring!

Natasha Taneka Fall Summer 2017


Photo Credit: Supal Desai




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