A good reason to wine when it’s raining

We are in the full swing of summer and it is a fantastic time to start training you pallet whether rain or shine! As we struggle with summer rainfalls, we have summer foods to lighten us up. So on a rainy day when you are not up to meet with friends at the local gastropub,  you can transform your living room into the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine! Knowing you do not have to worry about grabbing a cab, or train, you can indulge in affordable store bought snacks. I have an ENORMOUS weakness for soft cheeses – I’d pair Sauvignon Blanc with a soft Brie or Camembert, from France.

Raspberry, cheese, Bonbons and Ethical Wine Natasha Taneka

All this preamble about food is merely to pretend that I am a fine dining, etiquette observing, middle class lady. But truth be told, I just enjoy a good cold glass of white wine with good friends, whether indoors or outdoors. Honestly I can think of fewer pure pleasures in life, and if the powers that be want to give me an international day to celebrate what is already a popular favorite pastime, then more power to them! So whenever you can, take the time to gather your nearest and dearest to pay homage to fair traded, organic or recycled bottles that contain the most exquisite of  grapes.

Hubby and Ethical Wine Natasha Taneka

To help you get started let me share with you a few websites and locations I get my ethical, vegan or organic Sauvignon Blanc bottles.

Relaxing in Russian stripes with Ethical Wine and Roo -  Natasha Taneka

In recent years I have made an effort to lead a more impactful lifestyle and part of this means trying to find wineries that have a commitment to a low environmental footprint, sustainable practices and health in the form of fewer additives and preservatives. Lucky for me, Sauvignon Blanc can now fall into this category. So no worries mate, continue your summer libations no matter what the weather gods say!

Enjoy Ethical Wine...enjoy life Natasha Taneka


2 thoughts on “A good reason to wine when it’s raining

  1. I know, I’m allergic to a lot of cheese and I just found out that I’m not allergic to Brie at the beginning of summer. It’s freaking amazing and I have pretty much eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner all summer long. So much for my summer diet…

    Great post though! 🙂


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