Canal Walks on Lunch Breaks

Nature and its curious mysteries have always had a pull on me, although I’m firmly a city girl. I enjoy a vacation by the ocean (not too far from my air-conditioned suite…), but I always find fun in the forests.  Walking among the trees, stumbling over their roots, or climbing a branch or two can surprisingly be my cup of tea. When I’m back at work, however, I get the best of both worlds. Two three minutes away, down a few stairs and through some wild bushes that need trimming, is a canal!


Every afternoon I walk down a narrow path; to my left are trees and flowers, and to my right I have the canal sprinkled with stunning canal boats with their names decoratively inscribed on the sides. This surrounding makes my one hour lunch an exercise in effortless cruise control. I have always been amused with the lifestyle choice of calling a boat on a canal your home. It’s a unique way of being a nomad that never crossed my mind. Finding new possibilities of living one’s life in a different and fun way fits my inquisitive adventurous character.


Doing the basic things better or exploring new, alternative ways of living are things I revel in (Just ask my patient husband!). I think a lot about the state of the world, how the way we live and consume impact on it. I’m not prepared to give up my comfortable (and to be fair energy efficient flat) for a boat, but my fashion sense is increasingly coming to reflect a sustainable approach.  And so on dress down Fridays, I go for my Origamo Apparel Polo shirt. It’s a classic collared shirt that’s making a difference in to environment by using organic cotton – no pesticides or GMOs used here! In addition, I enjoy walking along thinking that in my own way I have chosen a different way to live. Some might not say it’s as extreme as living on a boat (Shout out to T-Paine!), but being mindful of who has made my clothes has been a wave of change for me. Origamo Apparel highlights the challenges in the fashion industry and they try to minimise these by having a transparent supply chain. The super soft Peruvian pima cotton is a vessel of fair luxury, and leaves me feeling ready to get to down business for the rest of the day, renewing my energy to work to make small differences in my own professional life. It’s happily also stylish enough to then go enjoy after work drinks!


See, taking a lunch break is important to me no matter what my surroundings are because it allows any stresses to float past me, if even only for a short while. Being inspired to take the less travelled path is always a good thing. Getting up when the wind is taken out of your sails and taking a moment to get a breath of fresh air, can help you identify life choices more that are conscious and sustainable. Like the boats, and dress down Friday, take a moment to express your creative side and think how you can make a difference. And believe me….you can still look amazing doing it!


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