Day to Night – Wrapper’s Delight

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Whether you have just been on holiday or are aching for an adventure, one thing is for sure we all want to make the most of our weekday evenings. You learn fast that for some, Wednesday evening is Friday evening. This is because some folks take Fridays off for a European city break or are on the earliest possible train to visit their family in the regions. So bonding after work mid-week is critical.  If you work in central London it’s easy to spend two hours in the pub catching up with co workers or attending a fitness class with friends. As a young professional working in central London, I balanced my work life by joining running clubs, making time to celebrate birthdays at a cocktail bars, and attending great talks and networking opportunities.

Natasha Taneka Yellow Mellow
When I changed jobs to a new location outside central, it was hard at first to keep up that lifestyle, because honestly the commute was tough. However, tips on having a productive commute  by Supal Desai really help three hours fly on the train. Despite this, there were real challenges to overcome. From selecting a bag that equally distributes the weight of my work laptop, the current book my nose is in, to the all important heels for us shorties (not shown here, but if you know me, you know this big blue bag).  But the key item is the outfit. Now especially in summer, the perfect professional dress suitable for corporate meetings and catch ups, is a wrap dress.


Transportation NT

Natasha Taneka Always a good idea to bring a light jacket

Boden has a fabulous array of these dresses,  so anyone can find their style of print that will compliment their body shape. My good friend selected this print for me, and I am happy she did, because it’s not something I would naturally select for myself. However its versatility makes it the perfect dress to wear in the office and hit central London after work.  This dress epitomizes what I love about my newly discovered brand, it is colorful, cosmopolitan and comfy. Their cuts make me feel feminine, no matter how many snacks I nibble on along with my drink (you can never have too much flavored popcorn or wasabi peas!).

Natasha Taneka - Zip Up.jpg

The freedom the wrap dress provides makes it easy as you ponder where the night will take you. You might be ready to grab a bite to eat, or choose to order an uber. Either way, you will look like a pillar of modern corporate style. When you feel great, as you head out to let off some steam, you can only feel more refreshed and ready to conquer the following workday!

Natasha Taneka The Sky is the Limit


Blue and White Patterned Wrap Dress by Boden, Black Leather Jacket from River Island , Grey Kitten heeled Sandals from Zara, Photography by Chevrons and Eclairs

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