Mark of Beauty – Paula M

It’s almost a full year, since I decided to get a personal trainer. What I thought I was getting was someone who would instruct me on how to complete exercises that would lead to visible change. Instead with Paula I got a ridiculously real gem that is always ready to listen and advice you on not only your diet, but your life. Literally, the golden nuggets I get from our 5:15am one hour work session are like Oprah Level! Perhaps it’s because I’m so focused on the number of reps and breathing right, that I enter a Zen state where I can receive wisdom a bit better. So you can probably see why then that I was super pleased when she agreed to drop some knowledge with us.


My first lifting experience was with Paula, and I really wasn’t sure I could do it, but she walked me through it, and now I can lift my own weight (on a good day!). Lifting heavy stuff is surprisingly really thrilling! So I had to ask her about her first lifting experience.


Paulaem Arms

‘Started as a cardio bunny, killing endless hours on a cross trainer, not knowing what else to do.

First day I touched a dumbbell, there was no way back. I felt like I finally found something that’s not just good to my health and my body, but my confidence!

I was getting stronger very quickly, I completely changed my diet, I got myself first proper strength training plan and it all become an obsession, the best kind of addiction I could ever got myself into.’



And although it’s only recently that she found her own definition of “sexy confidence”, she can trace it back to her time as a teenager hanging out with the guys, because back then she was a ‘tomboy’. She had self-reassurance instilled by her dad, because in her own words she proudly says she was raised by her dad to be a badass.


‘My dad owns his company and taught me how to work hard and earn my own cash. I would work with him on building sites during summer time. Imagine that! 17 year old chick lifting all the huge bags of cement, climbing scaffolding etc. It definitely taught me how to suck it up and just do it!’


When I asked her about her experience in overcoming possible biases against women in the gym, she enthusiastically responded that in the fitness world, she finds there is less gender inequalities in her experience and that she enjoys the growing respect towards women who choose this life journey. Women empowerment is a big thing and comes in different forms for all ladies. The diverse opportunities the fitness world provides for women, in their private and public life is fantastic.


One of the things that make Paula so inspirational, is that she runs her own business as a Personal Trainer. All entrepreneurs have ambition, business mind-set and courage, and so I had to ask her what advice she would share with us on what has made her successful.

‘First of all remember “not everyone is going to like you” so hoping to be everyone’s friend or trying to impress whole bunch of people you don’t know won’t work in a long run. And lastly, as simple as it sounds but you really need to love yourself first! That way you show people around you how is it that you want to be loved. Your vibe attracts your tribe!’



To sum it up y ’all like they say ‘you need to get you one who can do both’. My PT is super inspirational, enjoyable, and delivers results. From the get go I trusted her, and felt I definitely found my tribe. With that, I believe as much as she has gotten to know me, I have gotten to know her too. We share our aspirations, tribulations one squat at a time. And still have a blast!

In addition, I got introduced to her squad through activities such as ‘girls that lift’, these chicks are an awesome diverse bunch of fierce queens not afraid to break a sweat! All of this, has left me visibly more confident and stronger mentally and physically. This woman is a mark of beauty and raised the bar for all.


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