Cycling vs Shavasana for Charity 

Let’s be honest, buying ethical clothing is not the way to help those impacted by the unfair working standards. I say this because you can feel like buying better makes a difference but it can just as easily become little more than an ego boost. As in everything to achieve meaningful change,  we sometimes have to do more.

And you can do more!  From the beginning Sports Philosophy has always centered their mission as a company to support initiatives against child labor, beyond the model of percentage of sales going towards a cause, but introducing community involvement for consumers like us through fun healthy activities.

Sports Philosophy is a fashion brand doing ethical sportswear with a unique mix of for-profit with non-profit. They founded Freedom for Children Foundation in which they creatively contribute to the company’s social cause. Their social commitment goes beyond regurgitation of existing research, they hit the books with their Impact Consultancy and do they own research analysis to find out how best to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

Freedom for Children Foundation

However, focusing on the joy of life and importance of health, Sports Philosophy has many imaginative fun ways to reach their goal to invest a total of £1,000,000 by 2022. They believe in the importance of collaborations with wellness instructors, influencers, institutions, and community members like yourself! Teamwork, consultation, and heart seem to be the center of what they do.


So this June 7th, we get the opportunity to attend their next fab and fun Freedom for Children event in Covent Garden with Another_Space.  Around 7pm, you get the choice to  spin or yoga for charity. Here’s the link!

I was torn between Spin Class and Yoga, because I am super curious about spin.  However, I’m a yoga gal, so you will be seeing Nat on her mat!

 There will be refreshments and so I can always socialize with the Spin Squad after 🙂 . Sure to be a great night for a critical cause such as fighting child labor and working towards a fairer future. 

See you there?



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