Memories of Moscow’s Red Square

Every time I look at my pictures from Moscow, I get a huge smile on my face. The experience was fantastic. After a while of being in London, where the world seems to come to you, my sense of the novelty of adventure had dulled down.  However upon announcement of a long awaited trip to Russia, I was again as giddy as a girl!  Living with my husband who has a true respect and academic knowledge of the country,  I was super excited to see the world he had spoken about since we met. So, I was finally going to Moscow, what did I expect and what did I get?

First stop – Red Square


Second stop – The Kremlin



Short stop to see Lenin’s Mausoleum – He was under repair… (My hubby tells me he is always under repair).


At the end of a long walk that would leave my husband sun burned, we found ourselves craning our necks up to see the magnificent Ministry of Foreign Affairs – one of the so called Seven Sisters, examples of Soviet era Gothic architecture.


Our walk included crossing the lovely Crimean bridge.


We had considered taking a tour cruise but thought we would save that for St. Petersberg. So instead we continued our walk passing the colorful streets such as Pushechnaya Ulitsa




After a long day, it was nice to rest our heads at the wonderful Hotel Savoy.

As I lay my head down, one of the most exciting moments that reeled through my mind was seeing the multicolored dome of the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (Saint Basil’s Cathedral). It was just splendid.


Nodding off to sleep, I tried to recount the last time I was in one place, one square with such beauty, and lets just say I went to bed not able to think of one and to this day I can’t.  Red Square is a must see.

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