5 Lessons Learnt on Self-care with my P.T

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After years of having gym memberships and letting months go by without attending a single visit, I decided it was time to come up with a proactive new plan. I wanted to find a personal trainer (PT); a professional instructor who could help me build a healthy habit of listening to my body and helping it grow.

So when I found a flyer at my local coffee shop for local trainers (yes you can rely on good old fashioned notice boards even in the age of the internet…), I knew it was a sign. When I saw the charges per session, however, I thought “ooh a bit steep…” but I later realised I was comparing it, not to what the market rate was, but to my £20 gym membership fees. So after thinking about it and having an initial consultation with the best PT ever, I decided it was an investment I really wanted, and so I would find a way to make it happen.

Natasha Taneka Self-care - Slef-love www.Maonei.org

Self-care, healthy living, body image, diet and exercise are all inter-linked and lately we are seeing messages on it everywhere. It’s hard though when you feel your efforts in these areas are taking away from somewhere else or from another person in your life. My sessions need to work with my life (which is hella busy) and so I had to be flexible. Only problem is not much is flexible in my life, so weird anomalies started to emerge. Like my husband and I leaving the house at 4:45am to squeeze in a session before work (he really is a bit of terrific!).

Natasha Taneka Flex www.Maonei.org

But after some serious sacrifice, this investment has left me with real, noticeable differences that I know have had impact on my life and those around me. I’ve listed some of them below.

1) A shift in focus from the numbers on the scale to the number of weights I can push…it’s getting up there! Less stress and more pride.

2) A knowledge of how the body works and how best to keep it fuelled. Including common sense stuff like – Alcohol really does hold you back. During Dry January, my gains were amazing!

3) An acceptance of where I am physically, where I have surprising strengths (ab crunches or sumo dead lifts) and where I have unsurprisingly weaknesses (pull ups and push ups). I got better at push ups by doing negative pulls ups!!

4) I now am not intimidated at the gym anymore and actually know the right productive safe forms of exercise and the way to use all the diverse machines. No newbie here! I love stepping to the Cage and asking a big guy when they are gonna be done, cause I gotta squat! I feel like such a boss when I finish my last squat with 40KG on my back!

5) I totally love Activewear fashion, getting my sweat on, and having fun with other fellow gymbunnies who encourage one another! #girlsthatlift

Natasha Taneka Happiness -Health www.Maonei.org

The best of these changes have been brought around by my gym sessions with my PT, who has left me confident I can train my body outside and inside the gym, and also given me a deep appreciation what my body can do! I can’t think of a better investment in self-care. I learnt that in a life in which I want self-care to be essential, when one want the best results, you do your research and go for the best support you can afford and do the hardwork. What better way to love yourself than by prioritising your health and to top it off making a new friend?

Natasha Taneka Love yourself and love the world www.Maonei.org

Photo Credit: My PT / New Friend x

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