Water into Wine – Miracles of Miracles

Easter is right around the corner. For most of us that means the prospect of a long holiday weekend, the gathering for friends and family, chocolate egg hunts and, hopefully, lots and lots of wine! Oh and of course if you’re a Christian, some thoughts about the Big Guy.  

Although celebrated since pagan times as the vernal equinox, modern (since 30 AD or thereabouts anyway…) Easter is recognized as the event commemorating the re-birth of J.C. When I was younger, I believed he was a solemn and serious figure. Today I lean more towards his identity as the Prince of Peace, a more relaxed and fun-loving inspiration, committed to non-violent revolution. Maybe even something of a party animal. I mean…come on! We’re talking about a figure who turned water in wine! Think of it….all my work and home life stress relieved with the pass of a hand!

Everyone can relate to the person who brings the good wine to a party (well, at least not the crappy off license wine!) They are the life savers; and recently I discovered a way to guarantee you are the life saver of any prospective bank holiday party or dinner! But on a serious note – this year for many, especially those involved in social change, was a tough start, and I believe taking this holiday to be with your community, your people can enliven and rejuvenate ones spiritual energy for social activism. Therefore it’s critical for one’s mental health this holiday to take time alone to perhaps meditate but also to kick back and indulge in a glass or two in the company of loved ones. 


Back again to the fun stuff – without wanting to sound like a terrible wine sob, I really do believe that wine these days carries too much crap in it – likely in the way of additives, like sulphite, and preservatives. Let’s be honest, you never needed those in biblical times, why would you need them now. This is why there is increasing interest in wines produced organically and sustainably.

My latest discovery has been Sustainable Wines UK distribution company, founded by New Zealand Londoner Tulip Hambleton. Tulip can be described as a holistic wine producer. Holistic in that her philosophy is how her activities have an impact along the whole process; from planting vines to a Sauvignon Blanc sliding down your throat on your fifth glass!   

Sustainable production means not using a large amount of chemical pesticides or fertilisers that would harm the environment. Instead Sustainable Wines makes sure it only contracts with vineyards based in marginal climates where grape vines take root more easily, and their partners commit to only using chemicals as a last resort to save a failing harvest. They also seek out operators who use renewable energy sources and treat their waste water effectively.


These days, leading an impactful lifestyle infused with enchanted activism can be difficult, from what field we work in, what we wear, to what we eat and how we impact the planet. To be honest, how we source the wine we drink would probably rank low on the list of ways we feel we can make a difference. But come on! With the amount of holidays we try to wrangle, to the scale of drinking that having a social life in London often requires, this can make a big difference (Just count the empties piling up in my kitchen recycling bin!)

So as you put the finishing touches on your holiday turkey or ham or lamb, finish painting the last of the artisanal eggs and gather the family at the table, check out the few suggestions from Sustainable Wines to help makes a small difference this Easter.

This Easter, instead of turning water into wine, I’m turning wine into a difference!

Salute, chin chin, bottoms up to better choices!




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