A Wardrobe for Whatever the Weather Blows your Way

So, spring is here which is fantastic. because if you know me well, you’ll know I really dislike the cold. Additionally, to be frank, I am sick of layering! I layer like a boss during winter, but it’s super restrictive and hell to unlayer and relayer when in and out of buildings. So, like all of you I am so ready to embrace spring. I think my hubby and I have spotted a few trees blooming and greenery gushing out new leaves in our neighborhood, and some of us can remember random sun spells. But be warned, its still cold out there! Do not get too excited, because you will find yourself woefully unprepared for the snippy spring winds and gales of rain. #Londonlife


So how do you dress for this semi-season?  My go to is a super warm large long knit cardigan with pockets, but is also super light to carry in my hands if I get too hot. There is nothing worse than being caught in great weather and having to carry your heavy winter coat in your hands. This cardigan, which a good friend from Dubai bought me in Romania, easily folds up! It’s perfect. Underneath my cardigan, the base of my outfit is a loose fitting long dress from Uniqlo. I usually do not do long dresses, but I got style inspo from modern modest fashion bloggers whose style oozes confidence, comfort, and most importantly for me offers options to be fashionable without showing your skin. (check out Dina Tokio).


Keeping the 30 wears challenge in mind, I decided I need to get more wear out of my fab winter heels before they are stored away! So, I took my Nine West hawisa bootie heels my mum got me in Busan, South Korea, for a spin. These edgy urban chic ankle boots provide a bit of structure. Also, they have a great rubber sole and the leather top makes it waterproof, so I’m ready for any sudden drops of rain. Can anyone say #Londonlife again?


Now, to brighten up my outfit, my closet is filled with light material summer scarves. However, my other good friend from America, on her return from a trip to India, brought me this soft but heavier scarf. Its bright orange color and golden woven polka dots bring a sense of hope, energy and comfort. The navy blue only intensifies the pattern. This scarf can easily be wrapped in a million ways to suit whatever way the wind wants to blow. So bring it weather! Rain or shine I am ready for the extreme changes of this time of year, and ready to go with the flow.



Photography by Kat Martin



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