Singapore Adventures in Ethical Silk

Hey Guys! Been meaning to share with you more about my travels to Singapore. I got to share most of the highlights as a guest blogger on Kitty Ferreira and highlight how magnificent the Tiffin Room at the…I mean …THE Raffles Hotel.  As you look at your world map, or bucket list, I would argue Singapore is not one to be missed. Just keep in mind the weather and pact ethically light! Here’s a snippet of how I rose to the challenge


What to wear to afternoon tea in the Tiffin Room at the famous Raffles hotel, I hear you ask? Taking into consideration its timeless class, unique history, and location in the heart of Singapore’s business and civic district, I went with a simple combo of white shorts (always fashionable in the tropics!), simple gold heels, and as the centre piece, a striking silk top. Vibrantly patterned in blue and white, this African Print Blouse from London is designed and made by Kitty Ferreira, and was a perfect material in  embracing humid environments. The sophisticated, willowy cut perfectly balanced out my form-fitting shorts. This ethical fashion creation felt great to rock, both from a style and comfort point of view, but also gave me a sense of pride.  Wearing it allowed me to share awareness of peace silk, and sustainability of fashion.


Singapore Natasha Taneka 4

For more, check out the post at and peruse the new stylish ethical boss attire Val Goode has to offer the sophisticated shopper!

Singapore Alex and Natasha

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