Kitty Ferreira – Interview

Its been a wonderful experience volunteering for Trusted Clothes! One of my favorite moments was getting to know Val Goode the Founder of Kitty Ferreira. Here’s a spinet of the interview :


When sat down with her, I felt a sexy, carefree energy radiate from her right away. We dove immediately into conversation about how it all got started and her focus on incorporating sustainability in her label. How she wanted to include different demographics and sectors of people into a new lifestyle that was fully educated in the supply chain, whilst giving them space to express other styles that weren’t what many would consider outdoorsy. Val has given women the option of wearing clothing that leaves them feeling regal due to the high end finishing but also happy knowing the material is made from ethical peace silk. It is the ultimate luxury for a new generation of women, who want to be fashionable but also conscious of the world and environment around them.

For the rest of the post, head over to the Trusted Clothes website VALERIE GOODE, THE LADY BEHIND THE BRAND KITTY FERREIRA

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