Putting your best foot forward 

As the nights get shorter and the days get longer, it seems spring cannot come fast enough. And let’s be honest, even though we’re glad to be out of the darkness of January we all know we have a while to go.  As difficult as things can seem when you’re looking outside your window and all you can see is the pitch black or a grey sky, it’s important to keep you chin up and keep moving. Getting outside the house and getting fresh air not only rejuvenates you but makes you see the beauty in  the frosty and frigid winter landscape.  When the glitz and glam of the festive season is over, you’re left with little to look forward to (until Saint Patricks’ Day at least!) and only your body to propel you.  So here are a few small and innovative ways to put a spring in your step in the winter months:

1) Less layers, don’t freeze but being bundled up during a walk…come on!…it makes the walk more difficult and once you start to sweat you’ll end up carrying the extra clothing. I jumped out for a walk and a bit of climbing in my Boden Blue Textured Sweater and trusty good old G-star Raw jeans!

2)  Incorporate bright colours into your wardrobe to cheer yourself up and others around you. Really love my ethically sourced solosocks from Uru.design. Their innovative design and package sold in odd numbers, means I don’t have to waste time searching for matching pairs. The luxurious riveting red socks have a distinctive Danish minimalist style that encourages us to see the joy in living slow as conscious consumers.

3)  Read up on the environment; when you get to learn about plants, trees and the transformation that’s happening in front of our eyes as we move toward spring, it all becomes so magical, and you also appreciate how necessary winter blues are for the bright summers. A great book I would recommend to read to help you on this adventure is ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohllben, which reveals trees are like human families!

4)  Be present in the moment. Being in nature brings a peace and stillness to the mind that is hard to find. When I find that momentary peace, I return with a clear understanding of what my values are, who I am , and I’m ready to put my best foot forward.

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