Feelin’ my Fro

It is a great feeling to change your hairstyle all the time. It’s one of my favourite activities that are a necessity that turns into a hobby. You might love cooking, and your friend might like going on walking holidays. I have hairstyling! We all see it as a necessity to wash and comb our hair, but I get a thrill going beyond that.


I enjoy hair blogs, vlogs, articles and all the unique hairstyles that pass by me in the streets.  It’s something my family supports too. It was made easier when I lived near friends who had magic fingers but now I am left trying to do the styles myself.


So I thought I would start with the basics, hone my skills with my natural hair. This year, I really dove deep in understanding my 4c hair and all the care it needed. At times it was super fun when I could wash it knowing it wouldn’t take forever to dry. However there were days were I would put curl defining products in and the white colour wouldn’t disappear or it would look like I was suffering from dry scalp! I especially love having my afro out, to give my hairline a break, and not have to worry an extension, or wig might fall off while out! This actually happened with a braid when I was in middle school (AWKWARD – I did pick it up…no braid left behind).


Through the ups and downs, it’s given me a new opportunity to rediscover new ways of styling myself and feeling confident. Really enjoy being able to add the afro to a list of hairstyles I change. Super happy there are resources online to guide and inspire me with my kinky strong curls. All in all, I love my mini afro because although small, its fierce, it’s fun and it’s me.



T-shirt Ethically sourced from Crepe Records

Retro Pencil Skirt from Viven of Holloway

Black and Gold Shoes from Converse


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