Explore the Cloud Forest -Singapore

One of the most memorable experiences during my visit to Singapore was the fabulous botanical garden called Cloud Forest within the Gardens by the Bay.  To be honest when I first heard of it I thought to myself “This is something I’m probably too grown up for. I mean how magical can plants really be?” Well I was super wrong and everything seemed to align for me to have a fun time.

First off, I went with the best squad (My great friend who I had not seen in like two years and my husband who had not met my epic friend!). Secondly, it was pouring cats and dogs outside, so the enclosed and vibrant biosphere gardens were a perfect activity. As soon I stepped into the huge glass dome structure I was overwhelmed with the waterfall cascading down, mist surrounding a massive plant mountain with pathways suspended in the air, disappearing up into the clouds of spray.

Now, if you should visit, don’t underestimate how much time you need in there…the Cloud Forest is huge with seven levels. In addition, it’s full of unique information, not only on plants but rocks and crystals too! The plants were all so beautiful and diverse; it really provides a childlike sense of awe and wonder at the colours and shapes.

Cloud Forest At the top - Natasha Taneka DSC_4354

There are surreal Lego plant sculptures and art everywhere within the plant displays which only add to the imagination of a world of forest spirits and mystery.

Cloud Forest Epic Art - Natasha Taneka DSC_4318

Cloud Forest -Lego - Natasha Taneka DSC_4326

The infinite striking colours of green within the Cloud Forest were amazing.

Cloud Forest Golden Pineapple - Natasha Taneka DSC_4433

This is the kind of concrete jungle I like! All in all, the Cloud Forest was a great experience and one I would seriously recommend to any traveller visiting Singapore.

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