Idle Hands are the Devil’s Work….

I have always been inspired by the way people dedicate their lives to creating a better collective future. Most leaders realise the importance of inspired communication in order to galvanise the people for change. From what they wear to what they say, it’s all crafted to be in unison with their overall agenda. One important way of communicating is through body language, and I believe it is one of the most effective strategies that one can harness. Spiritual rituals that use hand gestures as symbolic forms of energetic communication with others, and the self, are well known.  In addition, some of the best orators on the planet (President Barack Obama) strengthen the strongest lines with their hands to reinforce their message.

WD 1

We all know you can’t pass any set of high street shops or mall front without spotting a nail shop, so consumers appreciate the feeling one gets when your nail beds are glimmering with a fresh coat of your favourite colour and or a message of elegant sophistication. However, we are not always aware of what kind of nail polish we put on, let alone what we do with our hands.

WD 6


But not to worry, I recently discovered Zoya Nail Polish. This brand provides safe nail polish free of five dangerous toxins (Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin, DBP (Phthalates) and Camphor. Moreover, this product is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Zoya’s natural and safe nail polish leaves us free to effectively and beautifully share our message with the world.

WD 2

So I’m sharing a few of my favourite hands gestures that do everything from calming my nerves, to making me feel fierce, to giving the appearance that I’m attentively listening to every word someone else is saying. It’s all proven useful to me because I believe communicating empathy through body language can diffuse a tense situation or encourage your allies to overcome challenges. So watch where your hands are going buddy! : P

WD 9

WD 3

Nails By Zoya Nails and Dress by People Tree and photography by Kat Martin from Aperio Films 

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