Slay Casual Friday like a Boss

So for some of us that went to schools were you had to wear a uniform, you can understand the excitement of wearing regular clothes during the week. Either during “spirit week”, a field trip, or fundraising day, it was your chance were you got to show your own unique personality. Funny though how as kids really we would show up in what was trending and look like clones within our cliques (happy clones we were nevertheless).  Unbeknown to the observer, small details within one’s crew made a statement. In adulthood, we have work wear, which is used to extend the message of the companies’ mission and culture. Most of the time, it doesn’t leave a lot of room to be creative, and so many work places have Casual Friday. A day at work, where we can be a little more relaxed which can do wonders to productivity of any team. Being able to bring a little more of you to the office increases employees chances of being engaged rather than just satisfied. And because I love fashion so much, it gives me another reason to look forward to Friday!


Working now in the corporate world, when Casual Friday comes around I take into consideration the work culture whilst taking the opportunity to have fun and communicate my personal style.  Now you don’t want to have too much fun, as its still work. So to avoid any blunders, on your first Casual Friday at a new job, if you aren’t sure how casual to go (because there  is such a thing as too casual), just go to work formal and peek out what the rest are wearing. However if you really are lost, anything clean, not too revealing and not too busy will suffice.

My trick is to combine casual with formal. I wear my favourite pair of G-star Raw Jeans with a fitted T M Lewin shirt. I wear large cuffs with my shirts and white Guess by Marciano strappy heels to give my outfit depth and making it a conversation starter. It’s a perfect outfit in case one in pulled into a crucial meeting. But most importantly, when you head for after work drinks, you can roll up the sleeves and pop two buttons open and you’re ready to start the weekend like a boss!


How  do you slay Casual Friday ? I would love to hear how you ♫ work work work work work ♫ that outfit!


Fantastic Photography by chevrons & éclairs , Boss Lady Glasses by Ray Ban , Cool Cuffs from the hubby, Luscious Lip definer by Christian Louboutin, Bag is a Second Hand from the awesome Fam 🙂

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