Slave to Fashion kickstarter Campaign

The last several months have seen us pass through two periods that profoundly affect me. The first was Earth Day, a time to reflect on our place in the world and how we promote balance with our natural environment. Linked to that was Fashion Revolution Week. All revolutions are made up of small meaningful steps we take every day. That is as true of revolutions in fashion as it is of politics.

determined postivity Natasha Taneka
Take your first step!

Following my passion of helping revolutionise the global fashion industry, through my time as a volunteer with Trusted Clothes, I have had the opportunity to learn about how some of those first steps are taken which are making a change for the better.

Two interviews we at Trusted Clothes carried out with Safia Minney, a prominent British social activist and pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement, and Graphic designer and communications strategist Matt Morgan of Fact Studio really brought home how critical the change that is needed is.

The team of four (and an army that believes in the cause) are working presently on a project called “Slave to Fashion”, part of a new campaign to create a book and micro-documentaries to give consumers an opportunity to be part of the change that has been highlight in the past few weeks. The team has the best people with heart and strong subject knowledge to deliver a transformative strategy to lead the fashion industry towards better fair business practices and transparent supply chains. 

When confronting something as extensive and integrated with the global economy and leisure practices it can seem like you can’t make a difference. From your phone, however, or computer you can take the journey and make a difference to reach a fashionable future where slavery has no place.


The imagery of the book really captivated me, as it’s simple but subversive design drives the message that fashion can come out of the shadows of slavery and that “fashion can be used to empower workers – whilst creating, beautiful, competitive and accessible fashion.” The campaign ends soon but you can take your first step on the road to revolution by pledging now.


It’s important, whether you are someone passionate about improving the lives of your fellow man, or whether you simply love sporting the newest style fashions in your community, we should all take part in educating ourselves, on our train rides to work, our lunch breaks or when reading and winding down before bed. You don’t have to be a committed full time activist to be a revolutionary.

We want you

Following “Slave to Fashion” the campaign will move on to documentaries and new publications which will inspire us all to walk the walk of what is a complex issue. Listen to Safia and Matt talk with us why this campaign is so important for businesses and consumers.

What Safia and the team are offering us is a new way to engage via pledging on kickstarter. Time is short….get to the site below and pledge what you can to end slavery in fashion.


Natasha Taneka

Collaboration with Aperio films

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