How Knot to be Cold

It’s just been super loco weather in London the past month. I mean we have had hail and snow, freezing temperatures, random bouts of sunshine and rain. Yes, okay rain no big surprise as it’s London…but the rest …no not cool! So with this unpredictable weather, we have found ourselves unable to put away the winter coat, or whip out the sandals. We had a phenomenal day recently, but I’m very weary and don’t want to be caught off guard with nothing to keep me warm. However, the only way to keep the hope of summer alive I believe is through scarves. Because they are extremely light weight, it’s the perfect accessory that can keep you warm, transform an outfit, and hide a hickey, or two (we don’t judge)! So I thought I would go to the queen of scarves (lucky me she is also my mother in law) to show me how to elegantly tie a scarf and face the dreary weather with bright confidence.

Fast Car Cowboy Inspired Scarf Style Natasha Taneka
Cowboy Knot

So the first style is inspired by Jonas Blues Featuring Dakota  music video of the remix of Tracy Chapman’s classic song Fast Car. It features a handsome cowboy rocking a great scarf so I asked my mother in law for help to recreate the look. I knew I was in safe hands and she would teach me the ins and outs of the art of scarf tying.  I went over to her house and she shared with me that it’s always been her thing, however when seeking inspiration she checks out blogger Mai Tai. So I did too and instantly saw for myself why she would.  The following styles have links to the tutorials we used from Mai Tai. I think we all should find a little more enjoyment in how we tie our scarves and be creative in what patterns and materials we use.  I love that scarves keep well, and can be also made from clothes that used to have a former life and possibly had different occupations (a dress perhaps). It’s a great way to experiment with your style and discover the bright side of scarves whilst keeping warm. With the help of Mai Tai Picture Blog and my mother in law’s exquisite sense of style…I’m ready to combat the grim weather in stunning fashion. Take that Weather!

Natasha Taneka Scarves are it
Asymmetrical Wrap 


Hermes London Natasha Taneka Blog

Natasha Taneka All Class with a well tied scarf
Criss Cross Knot 

Perfect print silk scarf from Hermès

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