Advice for Conscious Consumer doing Charity Challenges Right

Almost two years ago, I did something I never thought I would do, climb mountains. It’s just been a thing I heard some people do for fun. However, the opportunity appeared all of a sudden via work and most importantly it was to raise funds for a charity. I love love love new experiences and this Three Peaks challenge sounded pretty darn awesome!  Three peaks challenge is climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours.
Natasha Game Face
The mountains are Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. I did it with work colleagues and we raised funds for the British Disabled Fencing Association “BDFA” whose aim is to make the sport of fencing accessible to anyone with a permanent disability. Their immediate dreams were to raise enough funds to go to RIO 2016 Paralympics and be able to keep the close quarter’s combative sport alive in Britain!
 It was a great accomplishment raising funds through hosting pub quizzes, bake sales and personally completing two out of the three peaks. There was a lot of shopping in preparation, as I never had hiked before or done any tough endurance activities. Now looking back, these are the things I would like to share with everyday consumers planning to do a challenge like this consciously  and glamorously for charity.
Hair: Keep it simple with cornrows.  You do not want not one additional thing the faff about when you are mentally trying to push through intense pain. So it was two braided natural 4c hair. Its also picture ready, no wind can mess with my cute portrait in nature!
Dont act like you dont know
I wasn’t sure if hiking would be something i would do often, so I didn’t want to splash out. However as feet are what I was going to be relying on, I rightly decided to go with the best of the best.I didn’t know this, but there are 26 bones in one human foot and 19 muscles and tendons. In addition, apparently the great Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, the first individual to create accurate anatomical drawings of the foot, called them “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
So I went for the best and got myself some North Face beautiful pink, purple and grey Gore-Tex hiker boots. Surprisingly, I used the when I go on walks in Hampstead Heath or paintball outings. Your feet need the support and protection, best purchase for the trip.  You can similar boots here.
path 2 tasha.JPG
Jacket: At the time pink was a great idea. The colour was so loud, I knew that anyone could spot me out from space on any of the peaks…in case I got lost (or fall over whilst striking yoga poses on the highest peaks in the UK!). However day to day the colour is just too strong. I use it still but wish it was toned down or borrow someone’s or buy second hand.
Warrior Pink Princess Natasha Taneka

Gym clothes: nowadays are made to be comfortable and regulate body heat during intense activities. So my Lululemon top was a perfect addition to my outfit that came straight out of my closet.They are such good quality because they have travelled with me to three continents and are in mint condition. New addition to my closet were hiker comfy socks, although initially bought to avoid blisters and keep feet dry and warm. Now I wear them in winter all the time.  Love love love them. Definitely worth the investment! You can get similar tops here and hiker socks here.

Natasha the Conquerer
Slgihtly Scared looking at this view Natasha Taneka


As active wear can be super expensive and the production of clothing can pollute our environment, it’s good to be an informed consumer. I advise having a look into what the company stands for and their own corporate social responsibility policy. I didn’t, however afterwards I did, and was happy that some of the brands (North Face and Lululemon) I bought had great programs dedicated to responsible supply chains, and took seriously their roles as companies in our communities and publicly shared that information. Other brands information proved difficult for a consumer to find on their website.

View NT

Cant believe I did that NT

What is important if you are not that sporty and your doing this for charity is to not overspend, try borrow what you can, and think how whatever you are buying will be incorporated into your life afterwards. Most critical is safety, because when your safe is when the fun can begin. Be a conscious consumer by doing your best to invest in fashion companies that are doing their best to maintain nature’s environment, otherwise we won’t have places to go walking in style and comfort in the future. So do your research, ask sales assistants for advice, and oh ya train (it will make the physical challenge more enjoyable). Its great to raise awareness and funds for charities that put in the good work everyday for our community, but try to be mindful of the impact your fashion decisions have on the environment too.

two braids back best style for challenge

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