Hairstyle Chronicles: THE BRAIDS


I love Braids for four reasons:

1. Great versatile protective style for daytime and nighttime looks!

2. So many colours are now available! Love the copper brown blonde ombre braids!

3. The packets are super affordable.

4. Despite a numb bum, its the installation period is a perfect time to force oneself to be still and get lost in your thoughts or other people’s conversations.

Advice : Whoever is doing your hair, you pray they have good hands. What are good hands? Good hands are those that do not pull tight when installing the hair extensions and has great uniformed weaving tension. You also want the hairstylist to be super comfy with you using their thigh as a pillow, because if they are that good, braiding can be so relaxing you start to nod off. You find you hairstylist usually by word of mouth, or it’s your friend or yourself!


When getting your hair braided, to pass the time, there is a lot of chatting. From current affairs to biology. Sometimes it can come with a free counselling session too! Everyone chimes in with their own life stories and share lessons learned. There also real-life soap opera characters you get to meet or hear about in the three to eight hour appointment. Alot of talking about salacious folks and their escapades goes down. We all gasp, and ooohhh and ahhhhh as each person shares a story that ups the ante.  Other times, it’s inspiring stories of people overcoming health issues, nollywood movies . My favorite is a great music playlist that the hairstylist actually braids in rhythm to the beat! Braiding is an art and the experience is very cathartic. Best thing is you leave the place with shapely intertwined locks of grace that make up a personalized crown fit for a queen!


3 thoughts on “Hairstyle Chronicles: THE BRAIDS

  1. Yes, so true my dear. You can hear lot’s of real life stories in the salon but some of hair stylists are like comedians their stories will be sounding so I love box braids too..


  2. Nicely done braids, the colors are mixed well and they suits you. Oh yes those nollywood movies enjoyable always have a good laugh. I hate it when my braids are done & I have to leave b4 the movie is finished.


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