Fashion Obsession – G-Star Raw

There are few brands, that when I enter their stores and feel like I need to buy everything I see, but G-Star Raw does this for me! There are three things I absolutely can not get enough abut G-Star Raw, and I am going to share them with you!

Sweet Fit
Sweetly dressed in G-Star Raw from top to bottom.

Firstly, the material, cut, and pattern of their pieces never fail to hug and support elegantly in all the right places. Do not misinterpret the heavy emphasis on denim to mean flexibility and the feminine look is gone. In fact, I have never felt so sexy and powerful as when I am wearing their jeans. I can’t get enough of their edgy designs that flatter diverse shapes. On top of that, the quality is of the highest standard, that you get to wear you favourite attire as much as you want and not worry if the material will give at certain places!

Till Death do us part

Secondly, their customer service in the stores I have entered (in Dubai, London, Ottawa) is phenomenal! The staff is always engaging, from diverse backgrounds, and are actually trained to know what pieces will look appealing on the customer and what material its made from. They offer beverages…even beer…which really helps anyone I bring along shopping.

G-Star Raw Crusader Vick

Thirdly, they have taken on the responsibility to invest in new ways of producing clothes that impact the people and the planet for the better. They do this through the GSRD Foundation which supports various projects in the communities where they have business, with the farmers and factory workers. In addition, they work to reduce their direct ecological impact by looking into the operations and logistics behind getting their products to the conscious neo-consumer through ethical sourcing, compliance within the supply chain and inspiring G-Star Raw for the Oceans collection.

The combination of G-star Raw unorthodox utility inspired designs, great customer service and efforts towards sustainability make it my number one spot to shop.

G-Star Raw Sal Slim Turtleneck

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