Waving Flag Silver Fern Natasha TanekaIt started in 2011, I just had landed in New Zealand (Aotearoa) and found out the Rugby World Cup was imminent. I had never really followed the sport but in this environment I was quickly baptized.  The All Blacks are the national rugby team for New Zealand.  My family and friends outlined the rules, explained the Haka and my dearest friend pointed out the hotties (Dan Carter, and Sonny Bill Williams to name a few).

Team NZ All Black Natasha Taneka

Being in New Zealand during the World Cup was one of my favourite memories whilst pursuing my masters degree at the University of Auckland. Learning the political-historical drama of the sport, the cultural importance of the Haka was the perfect introduction to getting to know my fellow kiwis. Seeing the All Blacks win was priceless, the feeling was electrifying throughout the country. Now the World Cup is on its way (September 18th, 2015) to my new home, England, and I can’t wait to see them in action again! I’m definitely Team All Blacks…but honestly I cant wait to see all the nations play! Something to look forward to as autumn opens!


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