Nat and her magical Hat

Exploring London the Right way - no second thoughts Natasha Taneka

I really feel alive when it comes to my fashion and beauty routine. When complete, the metamorphosis leaves me energised, clear minded and ready to do heroic deeds, or just get through the day’s agenda looking flawless. However I have moments when I feel I don’t want to invest my time in the routines.  Sometimes I want to stop and smell the roses.  I try work on reaching a balance where I’m not focusing on what I look like more than what I’m thinking or doing.

stop and smell the roses - Natasha Taneka

So every once in a while I like to get out and enjoy London without a second thought.  What takes me the longest getting ready would be my hair. I enjoy being lost in the beautiful experience of preparing my crown. However, before I know it the room has bobbing pins, iron straighteners, curl definer gel, and combs everywhere they shouldn’t be. So on a day that looks like it might rain at the drop of a hat, it’s important to be able to get out there and enjoy the special splendid surroundings. My go to is my black porky pie short brim hat that I got in from Camden!

At the drop of a hat - Natasha Taneka

Never was a hat person, but hats are so powerful as they enhance the silhouette of one’s face. I hope to experiment with wilder ones. This hat of mine is simple black with colourful small feathers to accent it. It’s comfy and compliments the shape of my face.  Even better I place my hat towards the back of my head which allows me to give my hair a break from my hairstyles whilst making me feel super cool effortlessly.  Hats are fast becoming my favourite accessory that lets me get out there and explore the world around me with quiet confidence!  What kinda accessories do you have that instantly transform you and reinforce your self-confidence?

Deep Blue Jeans from G STAR RAW, Hat from Camden Town Market Stall, Black Jacket from Guess by Marciano , Brown Nude Sandals from Dune, Pink Jersey Top from Zara , and Navy Shoulder Bag from John Lewis.

6 thoughts on “Nat and her magical Hat

  1. Wow nice n simple. I love yo style, not a hat person too but hey jus yo look n thoughts can make sum1 try it out. Great stuff girl


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