Healthy Food Heaven

This month I keep on being introduced to new fruit! Never seen a pine berry in my life! However, at Borough Market by London Bridge Station, I discovered this intriguing berry that had a white pattern on top of the red base. Apparently they originate from Holland!

In addition, I can’t keep away from Holland and Barrett! See the wonderful healthy treats I got myself the other day! Delicious, light and satisfying hummus chips and coconut milk yogurt was what the afternoon called for at work. The sweet lemon mate tea is a perfect new addition to my obsession with herbal tea! It’s not too acidic like some herbal teas. I could drink it for days!!! Another major plus is that is has cute 2 minute yoga pose suggestion on the container box and uplifting messages on each tea bag tag.

All in all, I’m enjoying my road to discovering healthy food!

healthy find!

3 thoughts on “Healthy Food Heaven

    1. Yes, I’m in the same boat! Found this at Borough Market in London. Worth checking out if you have not yet! Apparently in 2003 Dutch farmers bred white strawberries from Southern Europe with red berry cultivars to create a patterned white hybrid. So they are super new to the market!

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