‘Let a thousand flowers bloom’

Grappling with a situation and feeling powerless? Solutions such as opting out or just going with it are no longer an option. What I’m realising more, is that it takes a lot of effort to feel discouraged, angry and still move forward. But that is okay, you are human and feeling a range of emotions can serve to motivate you to seek various solutions. Practising them can lead to incremental growth towards one’s goals.  The more you practice enacting your solutions, the more comfortable it becomes. Feel free to change it up, if its not working! No one can make a change the way you can.

Natasha Taneka Black and White

In addition to our own personal challenges, now more than ever, we are surrounded with struggles we thought were won by generations before us (from racial discrimination to labour rights). Good news is we can look back on history to find inspiration on unique ways to implement change. Many tactics were used successfully using non-violence. Non-violence movements exhibit hard work, discipline, consistency and love.  Digging within to find unique solutions that bear those qualities for problems that seem as old as time, is no joke but is the positive option.

Natasha Taneka Flower Sitting

So the thought of love and non-violence made me think of flower power. What I found fascinating about flower power was that included a performance placing flowers on themselves and offering them to soldiers, politicians and passer-bys Influencers at the time included political social activist Abbot Howard Hoffman and poet Irwin Allen Ginsberg. The intent was to protest against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War in late 1960’s. This use of theatrical guerilla is a unique powerful loving manner of calling for change and in different forms continues to be used. With today’s challenges, we have to dare to think of as many creative solutions as they are uses for flowers in our everyday life.

Natasha Taneka Look into the distance

So yes, barriers of bricks might define your outside surroundings,  but it doesn’t have to dictate your way of thinking. We are made for the time we live in, and looking at history, many committed their time laying the groundwork that would allow for innovation. Like many things we labour towards, we should not underestimate the power of the small efforts we make because we do not see the immediate transformation. Like the seed, we know that there’s a lot of growth occurring under the soil, that will bring the future we desire to fruition.

Photography done by CHEVRONS & ÉCLAIRS

Dress from Zara

Shoes from Guess By Marciano

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