Your Roots are Showing…and thats not a bad thing

I keep tripping in my Uggs when I walk on and off the concrete path. Its made me assess where my feet tread and try not to be so clumsy. Whilst doing this I noticed that at times its uneven paths caused by roots of trees!

On a Walkabout and comfy...till I trip

I fell in love with roots in New Zealand. I enjoy the ways the roots of trees wind and curve in and out of the earth. The size of the trunk is huge and is supported a colossal network of roots that appear to have no end.

Tree Roots in Auckland
A photo I took in Auckland, totally enamoured by the pattern of the roots!

Trees give such a great view if you climb the branches or just look up.

Branch out with ideas rooted in you.
Branch out with ideas rooted in you.

However if you sit on the trunk and observe the expression of the roots, it too has something to share. Below is an awesome art piece!

Tree Trunks and Roots Burst Through Gallery Walls

Art by Henrique Oliveira

The science of roots tells us that they are vital to support the tree we see spurting above ground. I didn’t know this but there are roots that have higher ambitions, and wrap around the Stranger Fig.

Strangler Figs – How awesome

Strangler Figs

The parks in urban areas have a range of trees  but sometimes I find trees in the middle of the concrete jungle and I cant help but feel their roots being jailed. That bump, the crack in the concrete path, is at times caused by roots that have no where to go in search of food. We see trees slowly dying, but keep them around because they look good. Other times we see them adapting.

Adaptive Roots in the Concrete Jungle


I have been thinking lately, that trees are not here just for our aesthetic pleasure or utility (as paper etc), maybe there is a better balance society can strive for than just settling for a park. Comparing their beautiful full expression in forests to their controlled state in cities, I cant help but think there is a way.

Beautiful Creation

Starting to sound like i believe Trees have spirits or souls, but there is a small part of me that believes the root to my discomfort is knowing the private gardens,parks, and street trees that are controlled are not for Trees benefit but our own egocentric use of everything around.Below I found images of tree roots,branches used in what I believe is more balanced manner.Maybe I discovered a part of me might desire to live in a less urbanized location, and I should simply move there. What are your thoughts?

Where Art, Science and Utility meet

Getting from A to B

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