Upgrade yourself with Youtube!

Hey my lovelies!

The year has passed, and yes you are thinking where did the time go? In light of major tragedies that we have witnessed unravel and the shared grieving of communities on social media..some of us might be thinking we could have done more with the time we had or are thinking how best to make the most of the time we have now. Well I know for sure that’s what I am thinking. With the click of a button you can be pumped up and ready for action..if you desire it. Wifi is usually free at libraries so this is one place to access inspiration via Youtube.

Youtube provides many outlets, and my recently discovered outlet is the motivational speakers channels. Below are 5 speakers I go to when I need to refuel! Some have books that i have read, others have conferences and various helpful resources. I enjoy these speakers because they are funny and do not sugar coat life’s challenges.

You have to be an active listener though, I would not say I agree 100% with all they have to say, but I don’t think I know anyone that I agree with 100%. Certain things sound true to me, and certain things I leave. So check them out and let me know your favourite motivational youtubers!

  1. Marie Forleo : I love her Guest Interviews and her Personal Growth videos the most. She is hilarious and shares her life with her audiences freely. Her style is always on point!
    • Using Humor to Create World Change with Maysoon Zayid  
    • Q&A Tuesdays is awesome Women and Money 3 Secrets for Building Serious Wealth 
  2. Les Brown – From one of my favourite states…OHIO!!! Comforting, confidence building in a soft but effective manner.
    • You Gotta Be Hungry
    • It’s Not OVER Until You Win! Your Dream is Possible
    • Les Brown Armed And Dangerous
  3. Eric Thomas – ”What up What up What Up…Its YOUR BOY E.T” — Serious words, no games, hits the soul. Love the use of hip hop to motivate the youth!
    • Greatness Is Upon You!
    • TGIM S7 EP4 – Work While Working 
    • TGIM! Be Obsessed!

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