Make Believe Ethnic Diversity of Fictional Characters

Often I think about the skin complexion of the fictional characters I love. No I don’t regularly count how many imaginary characters look like me …but when I fantasize about the perfect holiday, it would be kicking it at a super cool yoga retreat under the soft sun then laughing away the afternoon on the beach. One problem most of my imaginary buddies would be burned by imaginary sun rays on that hot day because of their low-level of imaginary melanin, and might interrupt  Shavasana (corpse pose) to cool off.

YOGA  - Finding the answers

Yes, its my fantasy holiday so I could make them have an extra level of sunblock qualities, but all of them? That extra effort in imagining or seeing a character that somewhat looks like you is annoying and worrying. Maybe its too much to ask authors to write stories of people they think they can’t identify with, but they are authors and take time to research a murderer , a mother, a carpet without actually being one.  Is it too much to have a casting director to change the ethnicity of a character to reflect the ethnically diverse audience of young and old fans? Could they not take the extra time developing more characters by doing research as they do to make a talking snowman seem so real. They did a great job with Olaf the snowman from FROZEN and how he fantasizes about summer.

Imagination is so powerful, we go to books, shows, cartoons to escape the crap in the world, and with this pattern developing it looks like there is nowhere to escape. This feeling came to me after reading a post written by a parent about their Halloween experience with their son dressing up as Harry Potter.


Many books like Harry Potter and shows like ONCE UPON A TIME are about adventure, love, death and magic… they are beautiful stories but hardly any main imaginative characters are other ethnicities. Shout out to the Cinderella movie with Whitney Houston and Brandy and the Hot Asian Prince with Caucasian Parents …IT WORKED….it can be done. In the world of imagination, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!

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