Awkward Shopping Moments.

Some of us love to shop, some of us would rather scoop dung for 4 hours than shop. However I think we can all agree that when nature makes a call during a shopping adventure, things can get awkward. Dedicated shoppers know where the toilets are in which departments, they also know the stores that have the more pleasant toilets too. They will map their shopping excursion around this. The worst thing is being stuck with tons of bags with a long journey ahead, with no toilet in sight.

We have all been there, shopping way past what our bodies can take (blood sugar low) and carrying bags with uncomfortable handles and being poked in the leg with the cardboard or plastic container your newly purchased items come in.  This is a normal occurrence.  The thought never occurred to me, of how tough it would be with a child, until I witnessed a meltdown.  This lady wasn’t carrying a lot but she did have the most adorable toddler with her. It wasn’t the baby having the meltdown.

The baby had pleasantly decided to have a poop in the diaper. It stunk half the small store. The sales assistant sprays a fragrance around the child. The mum went ballistic. Although yelling, she made a great argument. It was a baby, and what was she to do, go home or go find a toilet immediately then return to shop or else her child would be sprayed with her authorization. She demanded to speak with the manager. At this point, the child peaceful stood looking around not understanding what the big deal was.

I left because it got awkward. She wanted the sales rep to point out who complained about the smell. Her crazy mother lioness eyes scanned the store, and I thought this is my cue.

Knowing the source of the stink makes a big difference as to how one should approach solving the problem. It wasn’t a dead squirrel that had been brought in by a customer’s dog. It was a child doing what comes natural to us all. Between her being a mother, shopping, maintaining a household…. having her kid sprayed around was the least she had to deal with.

In this case, making a scene I believe was totally worth it. As society we shy away from showing emotions such as disappointment and empathy. I am passive aggressive in stores when I’m not served or receive terrible service.  My thing is to walk out saying in a voice that can be heard ‘what poor sales techniques’, or ‘guess this store doesn’t want my money’. Maybe I should express my disappointment, or invite them to assist me. In addition, Sales persons have to remember to remain human. Having a few customers walk out due to a stink of a baby is better than spraying fragrances around a baby.

What I took away from this experience:

  • Express your emotions in a constructive manner
  • Don’t spray fragrances around babies
  • It’s just poop, freakin calm down!
  • Parents need more support and understanding from their community.

Did I miss anything? What would you have done? Are you passive aggressive? I want hear what you think J

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