A Leap, Hop, Jump, Altogether

It’s been a while since I wanted to see Paris. I finally did it. I had many motivations and reasons to see it. Paris is one out of a few trips I didn’t do off the whim. I have to say it took effort, negotiation and timing. Kinda like taking this picture did!  It look several leaps,hops, jumps all together.

Leap, Hop, Jump Altogther
Leap, Hop, Jump Altogether

I can officially say I did it, and like the long distance relationship…it had its surprises (good and bad) and was worth the wait. I recently travelled for love, not for my career, not for my family or for an education. Here in London, I get to travel for fun.

I’m taking what seems to be another leap in my life by living with my boyfriend, but lucky for me He likes to travel a lot. Travelling together gives us so much to learn about one another.

So as you may notice, the past year have been filled with dreams that I am happy to say I have checked off. Paris was a big one… The memories still big a big satisfying smile to my face but now that my feet are back on the ground … but its only left me thinking what’s next ….which makes me ask myself why did I want to go in the first place.

My travel experience for every reason deeply reflects what I’m going through, and I think Paris provided a sense of stability as I was so familiar with it via the media and it was within my budget. Travelling with my boyfriend, showed me we really did get along and it was not just a desire being fueled by distance.

That jump right there in the picture is happiness to have come out the brighter end of the adventure that began a year ago when I moved to London. The feeling of checked is a sense of accomplishment I may have to congratulate myself. Because like this trip, my life was rushed and required my best (best that I didn’t know I had). At the same time it was also packed with time suspended moments of pure happiness.

–       Maonei

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