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Welcome! I am Natasha, but in the traditional Zimbabwean language, Shona, my name is Maonei – “Ain’t seen nothing yet”. This name is perfectly suited for me (Thanks mum!), as I am super inquisitive about the world. I love chatting up a storm to figure out what I think about issues of belief and existence. My endless curiosity, exploring new places, cultures and systems and trying out new activities, melds with my professional passions of fashion and politics in one central nexus: how to lead an impactful lifestyle.

My love for travel and celebration of diversity started as a young child growing up in Zimbabwe, the Middle East and North America while my passion for clothing, colour, and flavour doubtless comes from my rich African heritage. With an MA in international relations and politics, this is combined with a strong sense of social justice and a belief that what clothes you wear, what sports or activities you practice, what foods you and eat and what music you listen to are powerful mediums to promote causes of awareness, justice, equality and sustainability.

This lifestyle blog is a space for this Canadian-Zimbabwean heritage to share with you all that inspires me as a I search for my own philosophy of life, and an invitation for you to share yours. Life is a journey best shared with others – so welcome on board! Can’t wait to get to know you, and don’t be shy to share your own opinion! Chat soon!

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