Singapore Adventures in Ethical Silk

Hey Guys! Been meaning to share with you more about my travels to Singapore. I got to share most of the highlights as a guest blogger on Kitty Ferreira and highlight how magnificent the Tiffin Room at the...I mean ...THE Raffles Hotel.  As you look at your world map, or bucket list, I would argue … Continue reading Singapore Adventures in Ethical Silk

Kitty Ferreira – Interview

Its been a wonderful experience volunteering for Trusted Clothes! One of my favorite moments was getting to know Val Goode the Founder of Kitty Ferreira. Here's a spinet of the interview :   When sat down with her, I felt a sexy, carefree energy radiate from her right away. We dove immediately into conversation about how … Continue reading Kitty Ferreira – Interview

Putting your best foot forward 

As the nights get shorter and the days get longer, it seems spring cannot come fast enough. And let’s be honest, even though we’re glad to be out of the darkness of January we all know we have a while to go.  As difficult as things can seem when you’re looking outside your window and … Continue reading Putting your best foot forward 

How to Keep Smiling While Fighting

It's critical during difficult times that you have a source of books, or group of people, or place internally to reboot. After walking in the Women's March and seeing so many people smiling and talking, I was seriously uplifted. I knew that part of working for progress is to stay focused and keep smiling so … Continue reading How to Keep Smiling While Fighting

Feelin’ my Fro

It is a great feeling to change your hairstyle all the time. It’s one of my favourite activities that are a necessity that turns into a hobby. You might love cooking, and your friend might like going on walking holidays. I have hairstyling! We all see it as a necessity to wash and comb our … Continue reading Feelin’ my Fro

Natasha Taneka and Peter the Great 2 DSC_5858-01

Asking all these questions…

  Whilst walking along the river Thames one Sunday afternoon (as you do) I stumbled upon a very unique statue.  I peered closer and to my surprise it was in honour of Russia’s Peter the Great and his legendary stay in London in 1698. Coincidentally, I had just returned from a visit to Russia, and … Continue reading Asking all these questions…

Explore the Cloud Forest -Singapore

One of the most memorable experiences during my visit to Singapore was the fabulous botanical garden called Cloud Forest within the Gardens by the Bay.  To be honest when I first heard of it I thought to myself “This is something I’m probably too grown up for. I mean how magical can plants really be?” … Continue reading Explore the Cloud Forest -Singapore